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Charity is a core mission of ANGELROX + SUGER.

Designer ROXI SUGER is organizing this event with the goal of building a new green space and playground in downtown BIDDEFORD. Suger is one of the many entrepreneurs, organizations, leaders, individuals and small businesses that have spurred the revitalization of this once again thriving Mill Town.

Biddeford, Maine now features 5 breweries, 2 distilleries, a famous Diner, a James Beard chef, a luxury hotel, shopping, elegant dining and so much more yet still has NO DOWNTOWN PLAYGROUND Biddeford now features the youngest demographic in the state with an increasing number of young families that need a place to play.

Suger envisions a centrally located green space with a MAINE made playground structure by CEDARWORKS, a rainwater harvesting small water feature, progressive amenities for trash, recycling, and composting along with a dog doo service station with bags + sanitizer. Additionally Roxi is partnering with the ECOLOGY SCHOOL to plan an educational aspect to the park with a small garden and interactive design details. Finally, Suger is working with HOB and the BIDDEFORD SCHOOLS to include an appealing space for middle school and high school students while also creating a program with the schools and the center of technology for tending and maintenance. Landscaping will be selected to be as easy care as possible while adding peace and beauty to the downtown.

The 2023 BIDDEFORD BALL will take place in the historic PEPPERELL MILL. Specifically building 13-2W, a vast and lofty 25,000 sq ft open mill floor. This is one of the last undeveloped open spaces in Biddeford and Saco Mills. Generously sponsored by Presidium, the new owners of this incredible complex.

100% of proceeds go towards building a playground.

may peace prevail

may peace prevail