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We love to support great causes and this is one that seems especially important. Sea Change Yoga brings the powerful benefits of yoga to people who don't usually have access. Students include incarcerated people, folks in recovery from substance use disorder, people living in transitional housing, and more.

Yoga is scientifically proven to help regulate stress and emotions. Yoga and mindfulness offers people internal tools to find balance of mind and body. We believe everyone deserves to experience the many benefits of yoga.

Sea Change believes that everyone deserves yoga and are determined to bring these healing practices to the people who need them most as well as creating community for the amazing yoga teachers who want to do this transformative work by offering professional development opportunities and clinical consult support.

Donate to help support Sea Change Yoga. 100% of your donation will go to them and more often than not we go ahead and double that up and sometimes more. We are so thankful for the beautiful spirit of our loving generous angels.....

Here is some additional information as to why this is a wonderful cause producing life changing results.


Trauma changes your brain, and yoga directly addresses those changes to the brain and nervous system using breath and movement. Some of the benefits to our students include:

  • Improves concentration, focus, attention, and interoceptive awareness

  • Reduces anxiety, and anger

  • Reduces the impact of exaggerated stress responses (fight, flight or freeze)

  • Provides emotional regulation techniques

  • Assists with relaxation, sleep, and mood

  • Allows access to the pause between reactivity and response helping to regulate behavior

'The effects of Yoga and Meditation in the Prison population,' a study at the University of Oxford identified yoga as a purposeful activity that shows humanity. Students showed reduced stress and psychological distress, improved impulse control, mood, concentration, and decision making. Students in the yoga program were more likely to stick with and succeed at education and employment both in the correctional facility and upon release. The study also noted a potential cost savings as a result of reduced violence attributed to increased positive emotions.

Thank you for your interest and beautiful support!

may peace prevail

may peace prevail