instagram photo contest

one of our favorite things is seeing our lovely angels enjoying their angelrox! as an extra sweet incentive to see more we are offering an instagram photo contest. post a picture of you, a friend, or a group wearing angelrox for a chance to win a free angelrox hourglass! designer roxi suger will personally pick a color that best suits the winning angel. our top contender images will be posted on our website throughout the next two weeks + the winner will be announced Friday afternoon June 30th, 2017. we offer our endless gratitude to all our angels who give us the wings with which we soar!


follow @anglerox.purejoy on instagram

post a photo of you, friend or group rockin' your angelrox

tag @angelrox.purejoy

hashtag #angelrox + #mainemadecomfort

no limit on how many images you post

photos must be posted before 12pm EST June 30, 2017

only photos posted on instagram apply. photos must fit instagram guidelines. for all you facebook folks stay tuned and we'll have something for you soon.