wellness adaptogen power

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Drawing from lineage + land to consciously craft high-vibe plant remedies. Herbalism offers gentle, full-spectrum healing that is able to replenish and renew you on all levels. Creations that rebuild the ancient link between our modern life + the wild wisdom of nature.

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that may help bodies buffer the challenging physiological effects of stress to nourish through trying times.

Tinctures are meant to be used as a dietary supplement and taken 1-3 times daily or as needed. You can take tinctures directly from the bottle or add it to tea, coffee, juice, or water.

This bottle contains 1fl oz.

We are grateful for the power of natural medicines and the potential they have to heal and improve our daily lives. We are proud to represent our highly curated mix of wellness products made by the very best of American makers.

may peace prevail