heart of biddeford


charity is a core mission of ANGELROX + SUGER.

when our designer Roxi Suger founded B.PEACHEE, INC. in 1999 her primary goal and desire to succeed was to be able to give back more. we are so thankful to be here 22 years later and realizing those dreams every day thanks to the beautiful angels that support what we do. 

it has been a unique joy to focus on local causes in the last decade since we moved to Maine. one of our absolute favorite non-profit organizations that we support every year is The Heart of Biddeford.

The Heart of Biddeford, in partnership with the City of Biddeford, the business community, property owners, and residents, fosters economic development and improves the downtown and quality of life within its boundaries by supporting existing businesses, attracting new businesses, promoting the downtown through events, and working to beautify the urban community.

thanks to their hard work, bright spirits and steadfast faith, we have seen our sweet gritty city of Biddeford transform. we are eternally grateful to be here and to be part of such an amazing community.

100% of any donation you made here will help support this great cause.

thank you for being an angel.

may peace prevail

may peace prevail