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As our local Suger angels know, the back room of our flagship store in Biddeford is where magic happens! The "LOVE room," as it is affectionately called, is the where our handmade clothing with beauty marks and blemishes, those that did not quite pass our high quality standards go to find happy homes. 

Some of these lucky items get extra TLC and find new life as a one of a kind masterpieces featuring hand stitched love patches - hearts, stars, feathers and more reflecting the unique angels who give these pieces their forever home.

Our love patches all started way back when as our designer Roxi Suger launched her first hipster pant with an extended zipper that sweetly defined the bum but needed a reinforcement patch at its end. She found a heart shaped patch hand stitched on was the best solution and added an extra sexy cheeky touch. 

This evolved into our LOVE MASTERPIECES that you can now buy online and enjoy. No longer just for those lucky few that get to visit our sweet home here in Maine.

Two members of our wonderful team are responsible for these works of art. Most of the ones you see here were done by our VaVaVoom Biddeford Suger Angel Tina and through the years The Force, Lisa has created dozens and dozens of love masterpieces that have delighted customers again and again.

Our philosophy is to give back more so a portion of the sales of these love pieces will go to help support the Kennebunk Animal Shelter