handdye CAP tunic

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our classic cap tunic in a limited edition unique hand dye imparting to each a spirit as one of a kind as you!  
timeless neckline and molded flattering shoulder that is comfy for work, travel, yoga, and play. gather extended length to create texture.
we call this HAND DYE HAPPINESS. each precious piece is unique, one of a kind and created by hand and lets your creative joy shine. the hand dye piece you receive may not have the exact patterning of the images here due to the unique and original nature of each one but the effect will be the same.

available in sizes 

bird = s  wing = m song = l 

* please note that hand dye pieces do tend to run a bit smaller due to the extra process but thanks to our cozy stretch usually fit just fine.

handmade in Maine, crafted with joy

may peace prevail