sunset candle


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modern and sophisticated in aesthetic + scent. we adore how these candles bring a warm + cozy vibe making any space feel like home.

beautiful tins are inspired by california scenery and each scent is inspired by the time of day + feelings each spark within us.

clean burning thanks to 100% domestically-grown soy wax. these candles are vegan, cruelty + phthalate free.

handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

swell: mid day. salty skin, endless afternoons in the hot summer sun. a vibrant, juicy, aquatic scent with black current, tuberose + sea moss.

dusk: 8pm. damp leaves, crisp air, power + spice on a clear night. woody, cool + earthy. with clary sage, iris, + palo santo.

moonrise: 12am. heatwaves, late-night crowds, the lure of the dance floor. balmy, ambiguous + free. with yuzu, indian jasmine + smoked cedarwood.

golden hour: 5pm. rustling grasses, baked earth, sun rays split between trees. mellow, dry + tranquil. with bergamot, hay + golden poppy.

may peace prevail