rugged scent

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it's a simple premise... look + feel good. smell great. get going.

solid fragrance is built for the way our sweet honey's operate. it is a concentrated, wax-based scent that is long lasting + steady wearing. it's rugged and shatterproof, at home in a pocket or travel bag.

each unique scent evokes a vivid feeling, a sense of atmosphere + maybe a sweet memory. blending naturally sourced essential oils + premium fragrance, each cologne offers its own blissful experience.

perpetua: inspired by the way to elements unexpectedly intersect, opens with deep earthy, woody-ness and offset with clean + bright notes. It is fresh and inviting, while somehow also sturdy + complex. describe anyone you know?

mahana: crisp + pure, like a cool breeze on even the warmest of days. capturing the elusive feeling of being completely removed from the rest of the world + surrounded by fresh air + natural beauty. a celebration of fresh air, verdant hills + driftwood.

clearwater: offering homage to the Clearwater River in Washington state, notes of fresh water + oakmoss are complemented by wood + clean citrus evoking the freedom + abandon of water rushing from the mountains toward the sea.

sterling: masculinity without machismo. opens with warm + sweet tobacco giving way to smooth leather and complemented with notes of dark amber + vanilla. assertive, not aggressive.

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