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angelrox fabrics comfort, breathe and love. deliciously sumptuously cozy made from sustainable bamboo organic cotton + beechwood fibers. 

offered in timeless colors inspired by nature with a rich dose of stretch for extra sweet support. easy to care for and durable, angelrox inspires women to dance through their busy days with ease while planting their feet gentle upon the earth. 

whenever possible we wash less and save time, water and energy.  we find from daily use that a lot of our products can often be worn multiple times before washing. we usually find it very easy to scratch off tiny bits of matter and keep rolling comfy and stylish.  when cleaning is required, hand wash is wonderful however machine wash delicate with cold water will work just fine. preferably hang or lay flat to dry with perhaps a gentle toss on low heat to speed the drying process. 

we often dry ours on high heat so we know they will survive that if any well meaning angel accidentally throws your angelrox into the dryer. however repeated instances of high heat may also shorten the longevity and strength of the spandex so delicate care is always a plus. 

our lush yummy comforting jersey is a wonderful almost living material that can be impacted by different atmospheric conditions.  sometimes this can result in uneven drying that can leave the impression of "cracks" or "streaks" especially in lighter and brighter colors.  we usually only see this rarely in instances of air drying but if encountered our advice would be to rewash and dry in a dryer on low heat.  

we suggest using a laundry bag for ease of laundry separation and especially for bias cut designs such as our swirlsuit which can experience stretching of one leg longer than another in the course of a washing cycle.

dry cleaning is fine hopefully with a provider that offers the most green solutions possible.    

when treating stains we recommend using a natural solution if possible.  for convenience we have used spray-n-wash with good results however there is always a risk using any chemical product. stain removal sticks can leave residue and or possibly result in lightening the color.  bleach should never be used and we have had angels specifically encounter problems when using shout, oxyclean and tide stain sticks.  in the future we plan to research and test the most natural solutions for safe stain removal so we can better guide and serve. if you have any useful tips or methods please email us at info@angelrox.com  



our minimal branding and care labels can be easily removed to further enhance the reversible nature of so many of our designs.  the best way to remove our labels is to cut the care label itself at the top corners where it is tacked on rather than trying to snip the threads between the label and the fabric. these small corners will then easily work off and minimize risk of snipping the threads of the fabric itself.  

the best way to hang angelrox is on flocked space saving hangers to minimize warping or damage that can be inflicted from sharp edges of wooden and metal hangers.  it is preferable to not use bottom hangers with clips that can leave impressions in our plush fabrics.  these impressions will wash out but we find it nicest not to have them in the first place.

our wraps have lace loops that are ideal for hanging on the shoulders of your hanger or on a handy hook.

we often prefer to roll our smaller accessory pieces and store in baskets or drawers where we can review our color choices all at once.  we love to share and learn so welcome any creative ways you have devised to store and admire your angelrox collection.  please send us any feedback, suggestions or experience you may have so we can all inspire each other further. 

alterations + love 

we are always happy to hem pieces shorter to help suit our angels. we can pre-hem before an item is shipped at no charge but can not accept returns on altered items.  we can not customize sizing but are always open to hearing what our angels need so we can do our best to adjust our offerings over time to meet that demand.

we are eternally grateful for your sweet support and wish you joy always!

may peace prevail