Open-hearted and gentle, clever and curious, a beautiful and powerful mix of passion, humility, and originality—Roxi Suger is the soul and spirit behind the brand of Angelrox. Dedicated to making a difference in both life and business, to spreading the joy and peace that so organically flows from her to the sweet angels she encounters, she delights in connecting with others to care, share, hope, and give.

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Suger learned to sew at the age of eight from her beloved Grannies. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in clothing, textiles, and design from the University of Alabama, Roxi became a part of the fabric of New York City for eighteen years with a passion, fervor, and ingenuity that never waned. While getting Angelrox established Roxi also enjoyed the honor of teaching fashion industry design at Parsons.

With seasons of strife and hard work, risk and uncertainty, modest resources and uncharted territory, Suger’s journey is evidence of the beautiful ferocity within her spirit. Through her versatile designs, Roxi inspires originality and creativity. Marrying her love and starting a family all while manifesting her dream, Suger’s time in New York City helped shape Angelrox into what it is today, hand made in Maine and crafted with joy.  

Nearly two decades after its launch, Angelrox is a family-run business bolstered by an accomplished staff, supportive community, and loving family and friends. In 2013, Roxi with her wonderfully talented husband Julian and their sweet son moved Angelrox to Biddeford, Maine. Each garment is now crafted carefully and lovingly in an historic textile mill. Their first store, Suger, is located right up the hill with a second location now open in Portland. Angelrox is sold in more than two hundred fine boutiques across the country and collected by hosts of sweet fans.

Roxi and Julian are dedicated to making a difference. Their efforts within the Biddeford community alone are inspirational. Since their arrival four years ago, Angelrox has been the founder of the Biddeford Ball, raising over $60,000 for various charities, causes and special projects.  Bringing folks together to celebrate the town’s history and future while also benefitting its people and places. In addition, Suger donates 5% of gross sales to local charities bringing their total contribution in a very short time to over $100,000. This has been the dream and goal for Roxi all along, to give back more and more while savoring every moment life has to offer as a gift.

This is the meaning behind the Angelrox trademark and logo, balance. A quest to the center where the dark meets the light. The dig to the core of joy and the desire to share that with all whom we encounter. The hope for eternal calm, our mantra, our prayer, may peace prevail.