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A chat with designer, Roxi Suger, about creating fab + flexible clothes for the modern-day mom.

This week I spent some time at Suger, the beautiful clothing store in Portland owned by designer Roxi Suger. We had so much fun talking about the philosophy behind her clothes and motherhood and the fashion needs of the modern day woman. As a mom to three, including a 3-month-old, I certainly appreciate clothes that can be versatile from preschool drop off in the morning to an important meeting to dinner out. The angelrox collection is just that — plus it’s made of bamboo and other plant based fibers making it truly cozy and comfortable. The best part is that it is crafted right here in Biddeford, Maine. Roxi’s stores and clothing line are a nod to our state’s textile heritage while being an example of the kind of business that will make our future a bright one. — Kathleen Fleury, Editor in Chief

New England Maine, 100.5 FM WLOB NewsTalkMaine, March 14, 2018

New England Made

Part 1:  New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Show will be held this weekend of March 17-19, 2018 in Portland, Maine for buyers only. We had Joe and Roxi in studio that were brave enough to weather the storm. Roxi Suger is the owner/operator of Angelrox and they have two brick and mortar stores named Suger. One in Portland and one in Biddeford. Joe Loughlin is the owner of Loughlin’s Irish Steak Sauce. It is a family recipe. Joe has also written a second book.
Part 2:  They expand on the products and end up discussing bamboo underwear.
Part 3:  The panel talks about their inspiration on how they came up with their products. Joe’s sauce was handed down from his grandmother to his father and now to him. Roxi talked about how her grandmother was a huge inspiration. She also gives a shout out to this show and how much she feels appreciated by Steffa and her team that hosts the New England Made Show. They talk about the fellowship that is celebrated.
Part 4: Joe, Roxi and Ray continue on with the great stories of fellowship and their products.

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Roxi Suger spends much of her time and energy designing clothes and growing her line.

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