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Chaga has been known to boost your immune system, normalize cholesterol and blood pressure, soothe minor aches and discomfort, support gastrointestinal health, and increase energy. It is high in B vitamins and a whole host of essential minerals.

Adaptogens can help us manage stress and roll with changes better, we can all use some of that!

Use as part of your healthy lifestyle and support a full, vibrant life.

Maine wildcrafted chaga mushroom is infused in organic vodka for over 8 weeks in the moonlight. The power of the moon's energy magnifies the power of the herb. This is mixed with a decoction of Chaga and a natural Maine spring water. Chaga has properties that are extracted by alcohol and others that are extracted by water so the double extraction method ensures the most complete benefits.

2 oz bottle. Maine made.

may peace prevail