lapin soy candle

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Lapin natural soy candles evoke the fresh scents of warm nights and ignite the glow of pure joy. Hand poured in Georgia by one of Suger's dearest bunnies.

Each candle is crafted from pure soy wax, essential oils and carefully blended scents that lift your spirit and make your heart sing. 

Hand poured into an 8 ounce recyclable glass jar topped with a pewter lid.  Each scent is incredibly unique and poured with love. Ignite responsibly.

heirloom tomato - the fresh scent of walking through a garden with all its ripe, lush edible goodness!

urban legend - leather, woodsmoke, sexy, manly...magical

festival - home for the holidays, pumpkin, cinnamon, clove + vanilla

smitten - a delightful blend of orange + coriander seed with subtle hints of mimosa, rose water + lily,  rooted with undertones of rosewood, cedarwood + musk

splendor - a fresh citrus blend of lemon, lime + mandarine orange

soulmate - a sweet + sultry fusion of vanilla, rich amber, sandalwood + musk

fresh cut rose - a garden or rose blooms freshly cut for a floral bouquet